Understanding Arthritis part 1.

This is a big topic with complicating factors, so this article focuses on OSTEO-ARTHRITIS (OA). The connective tissue disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis, polymyalgia & fibromyalgia will be addressed in a separate article because their primary triggers vary from OA.

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Understanding Arthritis part 2.


The previous article focused on Osteo-arthritis (OA), in this article we look at how Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) is distinct from OA. There are similarities and RA may lead to OA, but not the other way around.


Auto-Immune Diseases.


Auto-Immune diseases (AID) are often described as conditions in which the immune system attacks your own body tissue; the tissue being attacked dictating symptoms and defining the diagnosis. Clinically each of the conditions categorized as such have features which give credence to this belief, but at the same time, each of them also attracts phrases like, "this condition is not well understood". From a scientific perspective there is still much to learn about precise components leading to each.

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YES, you can get rid of your Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

In the last 20 years I have seen countless people in clinic complaining of some form of gut disturbance.  Many of those clients tried all manner of things to relieve it clinically, one really does have to question the perspective of Western Medicine towards the problem. In this article we will look in some detail at gut function, so hopefully with this knowledge the path to changing it will be obvious.

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"The Doc said my Good Cholesterol is OK, but the Bad Cholesterol is Too High".


Why is this wrong and misleading?


This article links into a previous article I shared about Heart Attack and Stroke because there are common features. To be fair I suspect one of the reasons doctors mislead their patients on this topic is because in the UK a GP has an average 9.2 minutes per appointment, and that simply isn't enough to explain this rather complicated topic well. Even this article simplifies, but it shares enough to allow you to separate the important facts from those which are merely of interest or just plain wrong.

Parasites: Can't Live With Them, Can't Live Without Them.



Parasitic infestations cause all manner of health problems. We are definitely better off without them, yet they are a normal part of life and pretty well impossible to avoid.


Homoeopathy; an Energetic Approach to Wellbeing.


Homoeopathy has to be the most contentious subject among the many approaches to wellbeing. I am not going to dwell on the arguments proposed by the naysayers; the purpose of this article is help you to understand our place in a complex world of interrelated natural systems.  This article is about Vibrational Medicine and the Concept of Energy.


Lasting Relief for Headaches & Migraines.


In the US 15% of all adults suffer from severe headaches or migraines (Statista, 2017). There are multiple causes for headaches and a percentage are even created by medication for something else. In my experience most headaches are preventable without recourse to any form of medication, be it natural or pharmaceutical. The best approach is prevention. In this article we look at the primary causes, so you can take steps to banishing them forever.

Cow’s Milk is Meant for Baby Cows.

Lactose is the sugar found in the milk of mammals, and requires an enzyme, Lactase, to break it down. The majority of adult humans in the world do not produce lactase and therefore have difficulty digesting cow’s milk. They are said to be lactose intolerant.

Understand to Prevent 17 Million Heart Attacks and Strokes Worldwide Annually.


Heart attacks and stroke are called cardio-vascular diseases (CVD). The WHO states 17 million deaths in the world annually result directly from cardio-vascular disease. That's 31% of ALL deaths, from any cause. More people die from CVD than any other cause, by a significant margin. ScienceDaily, an American publication, reports 48% of all Americans have some form of CVD. Statista.com publish figures for the percentage of CVD sufferers by country using only drug management, showing a range from 17% in China to 63% in Japan. These are mind-blowing figures considering the majority of these cases are preventable.

Why Does My Shoulder Hurt?


Shoulder injuries are arguably some of the most commonly misdiagnosed structural problems. So why are they misdiagnosed, and how does correct diagnosis change the outcome? The single biggest issue regarding shoulder problems is limited understanding of the anatomy of a very complicated joint. On top of this, it has neurological links to certain organs and is frequently involved in emotional issues too. In this short article we look at the most common causes. Let's break it down as follows: