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Osteopathy is a manual system of medicine, developed to restore normal bodily function. Osteopaths treat ALL common health complaints naturally without use of pharmaceuticals. Osteopaths are primary healthcare professionals, educated in both clinical and Osteopathic medicine principles. As such they are competent to safely treat everyone from babies to the elderly. Osteopathy is arguably the most effective manual treatment available.

Applied Kinesiology


AK is a complex, highly effective, system of diagnosis using the painless process of manual muscle testing originally conceived by one of the most insightful natural health minds of modern times, George Goodheart DC. It is used to identify primary health issues quickly and without need for clinical tests.

Conditions frequently treated include allergy & food intolerances, infections, hormonal imbalances and weight gain.

Comprehensive Nutritional deficiency testing is also available.



Bio-Resonance testing can be considered as digital homoeopathy using a deeply searching technology, originally developed by leading Russian scientists, for assessing many underlying health issues. It is used to identify food intolerances, allergies, infections, nutritional deficiencies, environmental toxins  and even emotional issues. Digital homeopathic signatures from the device are used to make unique, effective remedies for the individual.

The Asyra Pro system is made by Galloway Technologies in the US, and is undoubtedly a world leader in this field.


Allergy Testing


Allergies and Food Intolerances age us quickly and may also cause many of today's common health issues, such as, hormonal imbalances, headaches, IBS, joint pains and sinusitis. True Allergies however, are not as common as you might think. Often things which look like allergy are caused by something else. Allergies and Intolerance can be identified simply, without blood testing, using Kinesiology, for a rapid improvement in symptoms.

Nutritional Testing


The nutritional value of our food has steadily declined since intensive farming practices started relying on synthetic fertilizers instead of ploughing biological waste back into the soil. Now almost everyone in the world suffers from nutritional deficiencies. In practical terms, to ensure a full compliment of nutrients daily in today's world, it is necessary to supplement. Nutritional Testing tells us what, and how much, our bodies really need for optimum health, to avoid long term health issues, and prevent premature aging.

Live Blood Analysis


Our blood holds the answers, physically and energetically, to everything that is happening inside us; it vibrates in harmony with everything that makes up 'YOU'. In difficult cases the blood may be used to identify health challenges that do not show up through standard methods of examination. It is frequently revealing and may be used to make the ultimate homeopathic to help clear what we do not see.





Commonly known as 'Cranial' treatment, Cranio-Sacral technique was developed as an Osteopathic tool, by W.G. Sutherland in the early 1900s.

It is particularly useful when gentle treatment is indicated, such as after severe trauma, for the infirm or for babies. Subtle movements by the practitioner correct disturbances to the cranial bones and cranial rhythm, helping to restore calmness and harmony to all body systems.




You may contact David for an on-line consultation or health advice by email or Whatsapp. Use the Contact button below to get in touch. On-line consultations are chargeable by the hour or part of.



David has given many health talks to the public and medically trained on a broad range of topics, including; Osteoporosis, Weight Loss, Migraines, IBS, Muscle Testing, Anti-Aging and many more.

He is available for bookings by arrangement. Use the Contact button below if you want to book David.

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