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The Book, 'Finding Awesome', is now available on Kindle or Paperback.


"The results from a single session with David Wells would be equivalent to numerous sessions and tests with a medical practitioner/s if you’re lucky! David is a highly skilled professional who will diagnose the true cause of why one is ill,...."

Angela, Singapore

"With his kind and sincere bedside manner, David is a unique practitioner whom we trust wholeheartedly as a family. David is a true practitioner curing me of stomach issues through Kinesiology and alleviating pain through Osteo adjusting. I have had several Osteos from my global living and David is the best I have found."

Brian, Singapore

"I feel an immense gratefulness to be introduced to Dr. Wells by a friend. I've been to all kinds of medical treatments, but find Dr. Wells holistic approach and educative sessions very valuable and helpful."

Mitchel, Singapore

"We have already recommended Dr Wells to many of our friends and would without hesitation still recommend Dr Wells who based on our knowledge and experience may be described as a best-in-class Osteopath and Kinesiologist."

John, Singapore

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