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The Book, 'Finding Awesome', is now available on Kindle or Paperback.

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David has run clinics in England, Nepal, Singapore and Portugal. He takes a common sense perspective of everyday health issues, providing diagnoses that are scientifically supportable, with solutions inspired by a deep connection with nature.


His skill is in joining the dots and making sense of seemingly unconnected symptoms.

David trained at the European School of Osteopathy (UK) and the International College of Applied Kinesiology (UK).

“Not everything that counts can be counted and not everything that can be counted counts.”  Albert Einstein

Science does not have all the answers. All we currently know is not ALL there is to know. To continue learning we must remain open to the truth that there are huge gaps in our understanding of the natural world. What we DO know however, is that all living organisms have an inherent mechanism that favours and drives survival. 

Symptoms of illness very often appear random and unconnected. Joining the dots helps us understand the causes and therefore the solution too.

Any organism out of harmony with its environment will get sick. Sickness and pain are just signs of discord. Practitioners need only provide signposts to Restore Harmony.

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