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Homoeopathy; an Energetic Approach to Well-Being.


Homoeopathy has to be the most contentious subject among the many approaches to well being. I am not going to dwell on the arguments proposed by the naysayers; the purpose of this article is help you to understand our place in a complex world of interrelated natural systems.  This article is about Vibrational Medicine and the Concept of Energy.


What is meant by the word Energy?

All things in, and outside our world vibrate with predictable frequencies as a product of the motion of their atomic and molecular components. A simple visual example of radiating energy is the expanding ripples created by throwing a pebble into a lake. As the pebble hits the water, some of the energy it stored from the throw is transferred to the water, producing waves. The waves radiate in all directions from the splash site, gradually weakening as they go. The number of the waves generated in one second is called the frequency, measured in Hertz (Hz).


Other vibrating energies cannot be seen, we see only their effect. The electrical vibrations which make your phone ring clearly pass through the walls of your house, but X-ray vibrations are blocked by lead, hence radiographers wear lead lined aprons and stand behind a screen when x-raying your arm.


Low frequency, high energy vibrations can travel a long way, allowing us to detect an earthquake in Nepal from a sensory device in Japan. Very high frequency vibrations, like the latest 5G Microwave phone technology, do not travel far before weakening, dictating more transmitters be installed so you and your phone are closer to them and still get a signal.


Sound is vibrating energy too, we hear it. Colour is a vibrating energy, we see it. Scents are vibrating energies, we smell them. Each of these vibrating energies has a definite range of frequencies, radiating in all directions. The human ear can hear from about 20Hz to 20,000Hz. Anything above this we can't hear, but maybe your dog can. Colour frequencies are much higher, ranging from red light at 4.6 x 1014 Hz - green light at 5,4 x 1014 Hz. Above this is Ultra-violet light, and even though we can't see it without special equipment, we know it exists because it's the energy contained in ultra-violet light from the sun which causes sunburn.


These radiating energies can all be measured with the right device. The energy frequencies from objects can be measured in a device called a mass spectrometer. Light and colour energy can be recorded by the sensor in your digital camera, and bio-electrical radiation from your heart can be measured on an ECG machine in the hospital. It is ALL energy, in different forms, with different frequencies and different power.


Energy has serious implications for your health.

We are able to measure the inherent radiating energy coming from organs like the heart and the brain, but what about energy coming from the environment INTO our bodies? In the 1920s Marie Curie didn't know about the serious adverse effects of ionizing X-ray radiation disrupting the structure of DNA, ultimately leading to her death from leukemia. Today we know that non-ionizing radiation tends to disrupt molecular structures and the higher ionizing frequencies disrupt DNA. Both have the potential to cause serious health problems.


Remember the ripples in the lake? It is clear to see how the pebble made the water move. The splash is effectively shaking the water. Now imagine if you were to shake something at precisely the right speed and strength to make its structure fall apart. The classic example of this is the opera singer who can shatter a wine class with the right pitch; you can watch this experiment on YouTube, showing the glass vibrating in slow motion before it breaks (the singer replaced with a loudspeaker). Exactly the same process was at play for Marie Curie; the DNA in her cells was literally shaken until it was damaged. Royal Rife used this principle to explode viruses with precisely the right frequency, observed under a powerful microscope. His table of pathogen killing frequencies is recorded and built into certain bio-resonance machines.  


So what has all this got to do with Homeopathy?

The examples above give some idea of how easy it is to damage human cells with radiating energy, but suppose we could shake those cells to confer something positive instead. It isn't difficult to appreciate how shaking a bruised leg in the right way might help the inflammatory fluids to drain faster. Now expand that thinking to consider shaking any body tissue in the right way to aid fluid movements, or stimulate organs, brain function, bowel function, bone synthesis etc. All these processes rely heavily on fluid movement. We know that vibrating, radiating energy travels through most structures, carried in the body fluids and tissues in exactly the same way as the ripples in the lake. We know also that some radiating frequencies can be seen, heard, smelled or felt, but not all. Do you feel an X-ray in the hospital? No, but you know it has gone through because you see the picture of your bones afterwards.

Homoeopathic remedies attempt to harness the radiating energy from nature. As all things radiate their energy into their surroundings, a medium like water sitting on the petal of a flower will absorb some of its energy, in the same way as the ripples in the lake absorbing energy from the pebble. This is how Edward Bach first captured flower energies in the 1930s. By ingesting those remedies, the energy from the flower is transferred to the body, hopefully conferring some positive effect. Bach's work attempted to identify the benefits of flower species on different conditions. Classically made homoeopathic remedies take a sample from nature and through a structured process of dilution leave only the vibrational 'fingerprint' of the original. So long as this remedy is in contact with your own energetic field its energy will be transferred to you, again hopefully conferring some positive effect.


Classically trained homoeopaths diagnose through knowledge and experience. There are many machines on the market today, such as Bio-Resonance machines which detect physical changes in the body in response to specific sensory inputs. Such machines have been used by the Russian space program.


Radiating vibrational patterns are not limited to physical objects; our thoughts also radiate energy, and these too can be measured with suitable equipment. Experiments have been carried out on plants to monitor how they respond not just to physical damage, such as cutting or burning their leaves, but also, amazingly, to you thinking about cutting or burning them. Not only do they respond to such thoughts, once you have made a connection with a plant, they still respond to your thoughts when you are standing on the other side of the city thinking those thoughts! These experiments carried out by Marcel Vogel in the 1970s are documented in Tompkins and Bird’s book, ‘The Secret Life of Plants’. This can be life-changing knowledge when you think of the implications. If ‘simple’ forms like plants can detect your evil thoughts towards them from miles away, what about all the other living organisms on Earth, including humans?


Fortunately plants respond to positive thoughts too. Hence all the anecdotal and empirical evidence showing how plants grow better when sent loving thoughts or played rhythmic soothing music. Masaru Emoto recorded in his book, ‘The True Power of Water’, the shapes formed by ice crystals from ‘emotionally treated’ water, in another demonstration of physical changes in response to external energies.


Consider how all the pathogenic organisms inside you respond to your daily thought patterns. Do your thoughts make their environment unpleasant or actually encourage them? This is why we see repeating patterns in people’s health challenges, because their thought processes tend to be repetitive. For example, parasitic infections tend to reappear in individuals who have control issues, and viruses in those who are without joy. Such psycho-somatic connections are listed in early publications by Louise Hay and you will find them uncannily accurate.


With this knowledge we can better appreciate how and why the body responds to our positive and negative thoughts, with the trillions of cells comprising you, vibrating in harmony with those thoughts. In turn those vibrations determine the destiny of the wealth of other organisms we are home to, and just like the plants, they too influence the cells of other people, and vice versa. If you think bad thoughts about any other living organism, their cells will know and respond to that. You may choose however to send loving thoughts instead.


If you only think about homoeopathy from a clinical, statistical, predictably reproducible perspective, you are missing the interconnectedness of everything on Earth, and beyond. This world of all encompassing energetic interaction cannot be defined by predictable linear responses. I grant you this makes it difficult to measure and quantify, but that on no account makes something worthless. Even Einstein noted that "not everything that counts can be counted".


Physicists are beginning to demonstrate this in observable experiments now, an example of which is published in the article, 'Quantum Theory Demonstrated: Observation Affects Reality', available on line here. Their experiments show that even the presence of researchers made a difference to the outcome! And that was even before they intentionally sent good or bad thoughts!


Vibrational medicine such as homoeopathy is not predictable. The energy from every single remedy interacts with different people in different ways, and changes every time it is applied. Our cells and the cells of the trillions of foreign organisms we harbour, are continually shifting in response to energies from our world. As such it is impossible to test from the same place twice. For now we are forced to fall back on anecdotal evidence.


Personally I have been using homoeopathic principles and Bio-Resonance machines for many years in a real world clinical setting. The results speak for themselves. Positive outcomes are far too numerous to be just placebo, and as stated before, physicians failing to get positive patient outcomes before me had exactly the same opportunity at placebo as I did. Why did they fail, and the drugs backed by provable science fail? They fail because we don't live in a laboratory Petri dish, we live in a world defined by every single thing in it. All those entities ARE influenced by our thoughts. Claims of placebo usually come with the derogatory insinuation that positive outcomes are all in the mind. Well, 'Hello!" of course they are! Ever single illness starts in the mind. We can and do predict our own illnesses through repetitive beliefs. Trials into the effectiveness of homoeopathy will never succeed until the intent of researches changes.


There are still huge gaps in our understanding of natural world systems and the complexity of their interconnections. Author Stephen Harrod Buhner, explains the process of mind opening required before we can even begin to understand them. This article is just a snapshot of this fascinating topic which hopefully piques your interest to delve deeper.


Article written by David Wells 2021


The perspective shared in this article comes not just from medical training but from symptoms and treatment protocols observed over more than 20 years of clinical experience.


If you found this article interesting, this topic and many more are explained in depth in the book, 'Finding Awesome: Proven Steps to Extraordinary Health'. Read more about it here.

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