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What To Expect During Your Appointment

Osteopathy is a manual treatment system given with the client lying or sitting on a treatment table. Most treatments will be performed with the client clothed, but it is advised you wear loose fitting clothing. Please don't come in tight jeans if you expect me to correct a hip or knee problem, unless you are prepared to remove them! Treatments are not generally painful, although some increased sensitivity is expected in troubled areas. It is not uncommon to get reactions to treatment as your body re-adjusts to a new balanced position. If this occurs, it usually subsides within a day or two.

Applied Kinesiology is a painless process. The practitioner will guide the client to perform certain actions, usually with the client lying on the treatment table. Occasionally testing is carried out through a third party (for babies, small children, the elderly or very sick). You will be monitored for stress responses to a broad spectrum of challenges including foodstuffs, pathogens and toxins, to name but a few. Results are instant and will dictate the recommendations given by the practitioner.

Bio-Resonance is also a painless diagnostic process, using a complex software to monitor bodily responses to a long list of potential stressors. Clients remain seated and hold two brass handles for between 5-20 minutes, while the system scans your body and prepares a digital homeopathic remedy. It is most unlikely you will feel anything during testing, although some who are particularly sensitive to homeopathics may detect a shift in their systems during the process. The system may be used on children, but does require they remain still for the duration of testing. The system is sensitive to mobile phones, and other electromagnetic devices such as 'Fitbits', which need to be put aside during testing.

Results from the above processes, dictate recommendations made to the client during the session. This may include using herbal formulas, using a Bio-Resonance homeopathic remedy, taking nutritional supplements or following some other treatment protocol as advised by the practitioner. Advice may also be given to avoid certain foods or man-made chemistry. Depending on the issues arising, follow-up sessions will be scheduled accordingly. Assuming client compliance, most health issues settle within two months and should need no more than three sessions. Some deep seated issues may of course take longer.

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